Hello everyone

Good evening.

I am in my 29th week.; I have got Strech marks. What should be done to remove them. Will they go off after delivery or are they permanent marks?

Please apply coconut oil or good stretch marks cream like mamaearth, palmers, bio oil etc. Don't itch over the area..the stretch marks will not go altogether but yes they can be reduced..keep your skin moisturised all the time

Drink lots of water be hydrated to get rid of itchiness apply olive oil or coconut oil....

You can't remove stretched marks completely, use badam oil to keep it moisturised so that it doesn't cause itching

Hey Deepthi, I hope you are doing great. Stretch marks are natural with pregnancy. But you can definitely reduce them with time. Start applying strech marks creams from now only. I would recommend Mamaearth essential body oil. It's has no mineral oils mixed but all essential oils. It's really good

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