My doughter refusing everything everytime..... I dont understand what i do... She demand always icecream chocolete or chips... Not eat well anything

Cheni Adukia Richa Chowdhary Neha Mani Mishra Asha Chaudhary

Shweta have you checked out our meal plans? If not you should do it asap! :)

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Shweta work meal plan around her choices.. choco chip pancakes... or waffles with choco chips ... make home made ice cream... add fruits to her meal.. cut fruits colourful bowl.. may be talk to her tell benefits of different foods..

Hey try and hide vegetables in Patti or fries if she is more inclined toward junk food. Also you can make a point to eat with her and gradually when she watches you eat healthy she will accept this habit

Why don't you try immune booster by cipla it gives immunity and strength plus it will serve as a substitute for chocolates

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