Ladies what do you guys thing about giving a newborn a pacifier ? My son will be a month on the 19th but my husbands swears like it's bad for babies. he's breastfed only. At nighttime he won't sleep at all after I get him of the boob and I really thing the pacifier will help. And also let me know whether it will affect baby's teeth in future..

Please help I'm desperate I don't sleep at night.

(First time mom)

Hey lavanyavathi
Pacificer has its own advantages and disadvantages... You can use but slowly u need to refrain the baby from the habit after three months otherwise it will become an habit and difficult to withdraw. If used for a prolonged period, yes it affects the teething process...

Hi dear, give it a try. But it is one thing that you LL have to ensure that he is out of the habit of the pacifier. Try gently rocking or even singing, sift music

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