Hello all..; my skin has become so itchy n dull during pregnancy. Any suggestions plss??

Secondly pls help to get relive from backache.; Ye bht Zada hoti h yarr. .

Dullness is due to lot of changes happening with your skin and hormones. For the same use a natural face pack is per skin type at home. If the itch is on the stomach and thigh regions, begun using coconut oil or a stretch marks cream. Don't scratch.; Palmer's can be checked out.
If the itching is on feet and palms, consult your gyno.
For backache, sleep in the rigth posture with lots of pillows to support your back and bump.; Maintain good posture. Also don't bend down if that's uncomfy. Have lots of fluids. Don't sit or lie in one position for long.; Additionally, you can use volini spray for relief too. A hot water bottle also works.

For backache lukewarm mustard oil massage is very gynae advised me it in my pregnancy.

Do you sleep on back, if yes then don't do that it will create back pain. Also sleep to your left.

Itch is due to dryness.. you can start using mama earth stretch cream it will help inarks for during pregnancy n after delivery.. n keep ur skin healthy it's natural n easily available online