My skin going dull day by day..There are dark circles under my eyes..I don't no why??

Hi Sonia...
Welcome to motherhood
Even I have become fully tanned. My underarm, neck area , hands , legs , etc. All have become very dark. But these are pregnancy hormones. Doc said post delivery your skin will come back to normal in 6 weeks. So don't worry. And enjoy your pregnancy dear. All the best

Same here sonia and Amrita Sharma

Ya parul it's just the harmones. Everything will come back to.normal post delivery

Same with me as well.. my face my neck and my arms all look like they are tanned..; 😐

Same is the case with me. My skin got so much pigmentation. Someone told me to apply kheera and papaya paste. It did help but then I don't get much time for it. You can also try.