I breastfed my kid with the help of nipple shield.; Should I use it for long?; If no,; then how long should; I use it.; And how to switch it.

Sonali Shivlani pl advise

If you are using a nipple shield for flat or inverted nipples then you may need to use it till the nipples appear more formed. At this time it depends on the baby of the baby is willing to make the switch. As the baby would be used to it many babies fuss and refuse. If you used it for cracked nipples then ideally that is incorrect and you should work on a correct latch. Again if the baby is accustomed to it then may cause a fuss without it. Nipple shields should be changed every month as there is wear and tear. It is better to breast feed with a nipple shield than not breast feed at all hence you can use it for the duration of breast feeding.

Try to feed the baby by applying honey on ur will take automatically..try ur best..this is the right time only...I have faced the similar situation....just try try's fight b/w u nd baby only... Nobody can do anything

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