What should we use for babies, diaper or napies??

Use both.. it’s summer so use nappies in day time and use diapers at night so baby can sleep peacefully.. if using diaper for most time apply coconut oil so babies don’t get rashes.. change diapers once it’s full

Okk..thank u richa n rebecca..

Make sure you also keep some diaper free time and let the area fry after cleaning and putting on a fresh one. Apply coconut oil at times to keep the area hydrated.

You can use both and baby need Diaper free time as well.
Remember to use coconut oil and Mothersparsh water based wipes for cleanliness.

U can use both diaper or nappies.; U can also use mamaearth bamboo based wipes are any day better and for diaper rash u can use mamaearth diaper rash cream. Mamaearth is a really good brand. It's perfect for me as their products are totally natural

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