How to soothe baby and make him feel better if he is in fever due to teething ...nd what should be his diet...i m giving him calpol drops but not working...Plz suggest some tips ....

Neha Vij Richa Chowdhary

Hey Neha how much is calpol dosage you are giving.. hope you have checked on amount with doctor... don’t force baby to eat as babies don’t eat much when they are not well... you can make very liquidy form of rava kheer and give to baby... second massage baby head and give clean cold cotton or cold teeter to baby to soothe the gums... also I had put this talismi moti to my baby which makes teething smooth.. you shud get that at medical shops

Fever may not be related to teething at all dear..please show him to the doctor may be due to season change..or some other infections

Hi, has the doc recommended the dosage. Pls get the baby checked as self medication is not right for babies.

HeyRicha Chowdhary ...What is this talismi moti??...Is it any kind of medicine

It’s a bead in black thread.. Neha Singla will share pic with u in a while.. I don’t know logic but that used for babies so teething become smooth.. and I was kya surprised when I heard about it but believe me it had magic... and later I got to know it’s very common thing.. and used from ages

Ok Richa Chowdhary thank u so much dear....but from where can I get this moti...?..Is it available in market?

I understand you can get at any medical shop

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Ohh ok...Thank u so much my dear😘

How to pronounciate "tlismi"...If we go to purchase it from medical shop

Say talismi moti only.. u can use this pic as reference

Hey Richa Chowdhary ....Yesterday I found this tslami moti from the market nd tied it baby's neck...Thank u dear...lets c ahead how much it would be effective😄😄😘

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