My baby born on tuesday mrng yesterday doc checked jaundice today again got admitted again to keep in current TB-15.0mg/dl DB-1.1 mg/dl this is ystrdy rrport but doc said tdy in report it is high but if we see it is less she said... tdy mrng we took him to sunshine for 20min then came to hsptl doc said like that is it any problem to my son im worried plz suggest..

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

Please ask doctor about measures you can take to control he breastfed?

Hi yashu,,,
Thats is absolutely normal for a newborn to get neonatal jaundice.. dont worry.. he will recover soon.. but mean while, breast feed him exclusively every two hours and on demand also.. every day early morning sun rays helps lot to get it treated.. so pls continue this for atleast one month..