Office going moms how many times a day you breastfeed along with solids and if buying breast pump which brand is gud?

Revauthi Rajamani ritu singhal please help

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Initially you can give solids twice a day and can feed ur breast milk, u can use mee mee breast pump is reliable... U can either buy manual or electrical...

I recommend electric medella pump,its pretty good. Bfing once in the morning and once in the night. Rest pumped milk..or whenever you get chance,bf directly.

Thank you gals ☺️

Shakthi - Choosing a breast pump depends on many factors like time available, ease of use, repeat use and also your budget. I used Philips avante manual pump and satisfied with it. But I have heard good reviews about the electric pumps also, as they save time but are a bit expensive.

And you should express using breast pump whenever you feel heaviness in breasts.

If your baby is dependent a lot on breastfeeding‌, then it will take your body sometime to stop producing milk during day time. And if you don't express it out, it will cause other problems. So better express in office and keep it in the refrigerator.