I want normal delivery Kya Kya krna chahiye m a working lady so ghar pe Kuch physical work ni kr pati lack of time. Plz suggest other ways for normal delivery

Hi Priyanka first of all congratulations that you're expecting your baby secondly I would say just wish for a healthy baby whether it is through normal delivery or through C section that does not matter as long as the baby is coming out safe also I would highly recommend you to do basic every single day that helps you stay fit and active as your saying that it is a job that you are doing so you cannot do any kind of physical work but basic work for 30 minutes whether it's in the house or outside in fresh air is a must

Tnx for wishes but which type of work I can do

Basic work of the house but walk is most important

Walk to krti hu exercise bhi start krdi h

You can join a prenatal yoga course or something or watch videos online and follow the same but do everything with guidance under your gynac

You can do half squats with support.. it's best fr normal delivery

You can do 30 min walk. Full squats. Butterfly excersice for pelvic expansion . Kegels. Cat and camel pose for back stretching. But before you start anything Pl check with your gynaecologist