I was diagnosed with pre diabetic condition last year. Started using Glycomet. Then I conceived with blood sugar level in control. Was asked OB and Endocrinologist to discontinue the tablet in last trimester. Now levels are fluctuating a lot. Last week PPBS was 143. Went to endocrinologist and he suggested me to wait for one more week. Last Wednesday PPBS was 71 and today it is 148. Seriously worried.

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

You should start the medicines for GDM.. fluctuation is also a pre clinical finding for GDM.. talk to your doctor..

Thanks!! Doctor was hinting at insulin shots!!

Met Doctor yesterday. Luckily, he said no to insulin and no to other medicines. Asked me to cut down on sweets. Eat as much as I can; (of course healthy food!!), Do walking :p

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