Hi there

plz guide me .. I am suffering from chickenpox. .my baby is near about 8 months old ... can I continue breastfeeding ??

I think yes..tagging some more moms Revauthi Rajamani ritu singhal Neha Vij any idea?

Chicken pox spreads from one person to other.. better to consult doctor and take medicine.. I think u need to stop BF for a while

Dear; u can, chicken pox is infectious, it Chk with ur doctor how u can cover those vesicles on ur breast n feed

yeah Doc said stop breastfeeding. . . but my baby doesn't take bottle milk ...

Chk with the doctor n express the milk thru a pump and help the baby drink dear.. I know it's a difficult task but the infection is so contagious

It's contagious,plz talk to doc about it.

If not bottle , give with glass or spoon. Give fruits and solids also.

Thank you everyone. .. Sowmya I am worried about   night ... now she is fine heaving solids and fruits ..but at she needs breast milk only ...

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