I am 35 weeks 2 days pregnant. Mai bahit depress type ho chuki. Mujhe mere husband nhi samjhte hai what i am.going through these days. He always busy in his oen zone. 5 days ofc and weekend gym. I did not get emotional support. Mere in laws bahut ache hai but hubby ki jagah koi nhi lr sakta. Mine last month is running aur aksar naraaz rahne ke wajah mai hamesha sad hi rahti hu. He doesn't have time to come with me for a walk. Doctor said mujhe walk karna. In my whole pregnancy 99% time i used to walk and other activity all alone. Even though he supports me but now days i really feel he doesn't understand me. I think rather then his gym our pregnancy is more important. This is last last month. And you know frnds last mai hubby ki need hoti hai.

I really understand what you go through... Men are men but I don't say they should not stay supportive.. Talk to your hubby u need him, More than anything.... Conversations works wonders.... Try not to be upset as it causes stress to u n ur baby will understand too..

I totally understand your feelings dear. A partner is totally the biggest support throughout your pregnancy. Please talk to him once about how you feel. If he supports you then he will understand this also. May be he is not aware that you feel like this. Men can be difficult at times. But you have to make them understand your needs

Stay positive dear.; Sometimes it's our pregnancy depression that makes us feel so.; Talk to your husband as at least he is physically present for you.; I hardly had my husband during my entire pregnancy as I am married to a man in Olive Green..; His job kept him away...; so I had all Dr appointment n walking sessions alone...;

Bethsheba Arsiwala pls advise

Akshaya Naresh nancy singh (@the_foodswingss)

Thank you friends... feeling good now..😊😍

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