I got a 1 inch long thick mucus like white discharge..anything to worry?

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Dr. Payal M

Hey. Could be mucus plug. Keep an eye out on any other symptoms. Keep drinking fluids.

Tc kritika and keep us posted!

Thank u doc..thank u Asha di and Raji.. will keep u all posted..

May be baby is in a hurry to come to mommy and daddy. Keep us posted and stay safe and healthy!!!! Tkcr

Hahaha may be.. ☺️ Thanks Nilo.. I will surely keep u all posted 😘 Nilofer shaikh

Tc !; Seems mucus plug has released

Thanks Dr Kanika..btw mucus plugs are pinkish or reddish I heard..mine was pure white...don't know what it was... 😯 DrKanika Toshniwal

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

After that did you experienced any kind of abdominal tightening or pain or back ache or any further discharge??

Keep a check on any leakage and cramps!

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa no other symptoms.. baby movements have increased a bit ☺️

DrKanika Toshniwal surely..thanks dear 😊👍

Btw doc my gynac is now doing scans and monitoring LFT results in 3 days bilirubin value is fine..just SGPT is too high..he might tell any day to come for c section the next day..he said he will try to make me reach 38 weeks though..hoping for the best..just thought of keeping u posted by fav doc 😘😘😘
Thanks for always being there throughout my pregnancy.. God bless you and your family alwayssss ☺️ Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

Thats good, your doctor is genuine.. waiting till 38weeks is best thing!!! All the best, thats my pleasure to advice any time.. hugs and prayers your way 😊

Thank u so much doc!!! ♥️

It could be mucis plug ,plz cl ur doc