I am planning to keep a pet (puppy) I have experience of keeping 4-5 pets at home but after marriage my mil told me she cannot live in a house with a dog.. I don’t know what to do... me n my husband are in favour of it!

Take a mutual decision. May be the pet cannot enter her room. Or can live in its kennel outside the house. Some rules have to be set if the people in your house are not comfortable.

Akanksha it’s a mutual decision that needs to be taken. I have seen families where some are not in agreement and then it is very very unfair on the pet. I have seen families abandoning or giving up for adoption since family doesn’t align. So pl ensure you agree and then get one. Also try and adopt and not buy. There are gentle innocent souls out there waiting to be adopted.

Thank you both for the answers. And neha agarwal I believe in adoption only... I am an animal lover... I take care of my stray dogs.. all are vaccinated and majority are sterilised... and have decided not to have a pet until I am not in a condition to take full responsibility!

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