Hello all, As per my pedia advise I hv strtd giving daal,rice ka pani, coconut water to my baby. When should I introduce curd and egg in her diet?

Divya it’s too early to introduce eggs. Ur baby should be breastfeeding for atleast six months. Nonetheless since u started, keep the diet very light. Cheni Adukia Revauthi Rajamani Richa Chowdhary

Hey Divya... just start with lite food like rava kheer, mashed banana lil bit , curd is fine too..

U can introduce curd no issues, but eggs after 12 months... Try one food at a time for three days, do not give a large portion jus a lil is enough... Give few sips of water in between if u have started weaning

Hey you can introduce curd at this point. Make sure everytime you introduce a new food always do it till the afternoon and watch out for any allergies. Egg I would suggest do that after atkeast seven months and start with only whites first

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