I still haven't received Cartoon and Nature theme magnet set yet while I received Dry Fruits long back. Please look into the matter. Details are given below.

Hey Kartik, let me get someone to help you.

Thank you Neha Agarwal

Hi Kartik Kujur apologies for the delay we are investigating this and will call you once we have the details, we will be in touch with you shortly

Reshma Menon ...thanks...i received a call from Baby Chakra but couldn't answer you mind making the call again..

Hi there! I just received the set of magnets. But the packet said 20 and I received 19. That means one is missing. Also one of the magnets is in repitition, i.e. I got two same magnets. Khushboo Chouhan; Neha Agarwal Neha Agarwal Reshma Menon

asha chaudhry Naiyya Saggi

Khushboo Chouhan lets pls request the mktplace team to look into this. Many thnx!

Thnx for flagging kartik. Pls always feel free to write to incase u have an issue.

Thanks asha chaudhry. I will surely do that.

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