When Breastfeeding milk is reducing slowly. To improve we can use tablets or what to do please suggest me

Please read these articles..Ways To Increase Breastmilk Naturally

Recipe On How To Increase BreastMilk

4 Tried & Tested Home Remedies to Boost Breast Milk Supply

An essential 10 step guide to ensure sufficient breast milk supply

More you feed your baby more you produce milk

Pls also read & bookmark this compilation of questions asked by new moms which have been answered by experts and other moms in detail. Very helpful for new moms like you!

Foods that Enhance Breastfeeding

Diet Recommendations For Breastfeeding Moms

Suggestive Diet For Lactation

10 Foods You Must Include In Your Breastfeeding Diet Plan

All you need to know about breastfeeding diet!

Pls do read all these articles, consult ur dr and meet a lactation consultant. Good luck. The more u feed, the more u will produce. Initially every new mom has issues so dont worry

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