My in-laws and hubby think prenatal and post delivery care is not necessary as in the old age people used to deliver without going to doc early for checkups or scans. Also they are keeping such; choices that either I stay with husband or if I go to parents house for delivery they will give divorce ..dear all mommy s pls suggest me what shall I do

This is really insensitive behaviour from their end.
In earlier days the food, the life-style was such that you dint need much of supplements. However even those ladies did get care.
In today's time without doc's assistance it will be very difficult to manage. Which century are they living in?
Ask your parents to talk to them. Tkcr. We are here. Do let us know how we can help.
What week of pregnancy are you in?? And where do you stay?

My god! How can they be so ignorant? And y r they putting such a difficult choice before you. Please visit a doc because this is not Stone Age. You need care and support. Please talk to your parents about this as well. You should not be denied of your right because of some sick mentality. Speak up for the good of your baby.

I stay in ballari, karnataka. I had been working earlier but due to personal disagreements and pressure my professional life effected badly and had to leave from job, I am managing everything from my own money however the problem is having newly shifted with hubby , I am facing problems with city and language is telugu. My in laws and hubby telling u go home and don't return back. This is destroying my peace at mind as I want my baby to be raised in good health, 26th week running ...

Need personal assistance, Asin how to deal with such brains as I asked one of my relative to make my hubby understand a few things but he felt insulted and told that my relatives shouldn't interfere...daily my mother in law has to tell some stupid things to my hubby and he is mere a puppet. This is my first baby and early marriage of less den 1.5 yrs...pls suggest how should I deal

First thing first you need your pre natal vitamins coz they are necessary so you have to manage it somehow consult any doc whenever it is possible and tell him your condition that you can't visit regularly; he will suggest you some vitamins and medicines which you can take; regularly. We have to think some middle way for this problem. Going home is not a option for you, you have to somehow convince your husband... I know in early years of marrige understanding between husband wife is not that much in some cases but you have to try. Ask him to do it atleast for sake of your baby. And plz darling don't stress yourself it is causing your baby harm more then anything else. I pray to God he show right path to your husband.

#Mrs chokker: fingers crossed, I wish the same ..I will take care of proper medications

This is so disgusting behaviour yaar. How can people be so insensitive? Anon both pre natal and post natal is important. Please go to your parents house.. One can't divorce just like that.

# Neha, Mrs chhoker& Rebecca, my in laws insensitivity is a result of their false pride and ego. Thanks to you all for building my courage and; understanding my situation, I am daily texting hubby some baby care articles and trying other ways too, may be he comes on track. Moreover to it have told him that I wouldn't spare them all. divorce will become a dream for him, neither I will set him free nor I will allow him to enter my life then .. don't know what next will happen but I am ready for whatsoever since these daily; emotional terror, fights have ended me loosing my mind

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