Hi Mommies,

By the end of this month, I have travel via train for a marriage ceremony. Please let me know the things which I have to carry along with me for the safe travel. Please share your experiences.

You can carry you medicines, comfortable clothes, sanitizer, snacks to munch on..if you have to use the western toilets it is better not to sit on it fully..or clean it properly can carry many infections

I hope you have no issues such as Bp, diabetes and low lying placenta.
Pack your medicines, comfy clothes, cotton undies that are loose. Take your cellphone charger and backups. Make sure you carry water and a hot water flask too.; Additionally, pack in towels and pillows. Take cushions too to make your seat comfy.
never attempt to lift up heavy baggage. Don't sleep anywhere but lower berth. Carry nuts and biscuits plus some fruits.

Just stay comfortable, well hydrated. Pls ensure you have clean food. Just like Satarupa mentioned. Have fun dear

For avoiding the public toilets I would suggest you pee buddy available online on Amazon. It's super safe and helps a lot while travelling. You can check it out.

Thanku so much Neha Mani Mishra Satarupa B Kaur Priya Sood Abhilasha Paul 😙😙

Satarupa B Kaur; yes, I dont have bp, diabetes and low lying placenta issues. My next scan is scheduled on coming wednesday, will share the report here..

Abhilasha Paul thanks dear... yes, I have the checked the product on amazon and will definitely going to order...😊

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