Does feeding habit changes in 2nd month? My baby is now 5 weeks old n since yesterday we are having small n frequent feeding sessions. What should be done? Her bw was 2.57 kgs n lowest weight was 2.49 kgs. I wieghed her 10 days bk n her weight was 3.04 kgs. Is this growth spurt? Her pee count is 8-9/ day. Please pour in ur suggestions. TIA

Yes I think it is a growth spurt..Revauthi Rajamani what say?

Sonali Shivlani pl advise

It is possible that your little one is going thru a growth spurt which means that they will demand milk more often. This can last for a few days. Generally happens when baby is approaching a milestone. All other parameters seem in the normal range. Just relax and feed often.

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