Is is ok to have sausages, salami, bacon during pregnancy?

Hey these packaged foods are not ideal. Although I know how awesome and heavenly they taste. There are few articles that float around that claim they are not good foods to have. So I strongly recommend u avoid especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

hi pallavi - it depends where you are buying these from? is this fresh from a renowned meat shop? then if you cook it properly at home it's okay. if it's packaged - it has preservatives. it really depends on the source pallavi. expecting moms who live abroad eat pork regularly so it's not a big deal for them. in india only in certain states do u get good meat supplies. so pls tc.

I'd say skip it since in India , these mostly come in preserved and frozen variants.

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No, it's not even ok these time period. Better to avoid. Red meats are not healthy for baby.