My baby has become 4 months old yesterday, from few days she wants to bite everything and anything. If she doesn't get anything shes starts crying. Please advise

1. whether is a teething phase

2.Should i bring her a teether

3.Which one is best ie. Water based etc

4.Which brans should i buy

DrKanika Toshniwal Revauthi Rajamani

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Ye teething problems Hoti hai same MERI beti BHI Karti hai so usko teether do I am using mee mee water filled teether

The only way baby's can get accustomed to the surroundings around them is through keeping things around them in their mouth... You can get a teether few brands are mee, Morisons Baby Dreams, chicco. Could be teething too, few babies start as early as four months...

My doctor said teether is not advisable. Now i am more confused

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