My job timings are 9 am to 6 pm. Resuming work next week. Pl. Guide me to;;;; weaning and expressed milk storage its frequency and quantity . pl share a solid food chart to take a look and plan. Other things to take care as it is emotional difficulty for me and my baby.

Start solids only after the baby has completed six months.. for weaning off breast tagging other moms Revauthi Rajamani Neha Vij please advise..

Keep calm the bonding of a mom n baby never has limits. So distance does not mean you should be emotionally exhausted, you should strong at this phase.try to give him time away from you for few hours with other person staying at home or who will take care of your lo when u r at office. This will help ue baby get used to be without u too though its tough but practically let's face it.
Start solids only on completing six months. Also electrical pump is good enough to pump milk and u can store in. Fridge. Inform all about the baby routines to the care taker to have a hassle free flow.

Hi am in the same phase too.. I have recently started giving her mokng dal ka pani.. Its been 3 days.. Wil dk for a week by increasing quantity. Den rice water... Den curd..... Dis is as per my paed..

Hi pls have a look
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Meal Plans: #Week 2 (6+ months) Meal Plans: #Week 4 (6+ months)

You can start with sooji kheer, dal ka pani, Apple/banana purée