My baby generally does not get diaper rashes..even its thr..i put coconut oil and gv more of diaper rash time and it heals in a day..but this time it has gone reallyyy bad...even his balls have gone red with rash...what to do ..plz help

Will himalaya nappy rash cream work?
Dr. Praveen Singh ..plz guide doctor..

Talk to your paed right away dear. Don't apply a new product when the rash has already spread.

Use diaper rash cream.. I am using Mama earth diaper rash cream... Very good and effective... Works also for chaffed skin.... Non-toxic... You must try this

I personally use coconut oil for diaper rash. But I feel sometimes we need to go a company product which natural and 100%safe on baby's skin.I recommend Mamaearth diaper rash cream

For now you can use Himalaya cream and Mothersparsh water wipes.

I would advise you to use Himalaya diaper rash cream. It's really effective and to prevent rashes you can use Mothersparsh water based wipes. Just clean the area using the wipes and apply rash cream.

I personally love Mothersparsh wipes as it prevents rashes and have high water content. I also use coconut oil.
If the rashes are really severe then please see a doctor.