Kya raat bhar so k; baby ko breast feeding Kara sakta hai continues...isse Meri baby 3 hr Tak soti hai but burping nahi karne se uthne k baad ulti Kar deti hai...Kya solution hai iska

Baby ko feeď ke baad burp jazoor karayein..

Burp is mandatory. Ap burp karate nhn hai kya?

Burping is not mandatory. As long as u hold ur child upright for atleast fifteen mins, it’s good enough. At times ur baby will burp , at times she won’t.

Burping karne se wo uth jati hai...baad Mai soti nhi hai...raat ko bahat dikkat hoti hai

You need to burp the baby. Burp doesn't mean you'd hear the sound. But the process is mandatory.

Pls also read & bookmark this compilation of questions asked by new moms which have been answered by experts and other moms in detail. Very helpful for new moms like you!

Rashmi pls yeh helpful information padho - How To Burp A Baby?

Breastfeeding Basics: How Much And When

Baby curd nikalti hai hai milk? Curd hai toh theek hai. Aap sleeping position mein feed toh nahin kar rahe naa? Baby is very small - sote huey pls mat pilana.

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