My baby is spitting a lot from few days.. What can be the reason for that?

Babies of this age do spit up. Is the milk fresh or curdled? If curdled then no issues..just ensure that you burp the baby after every feed and put him on your shoulders for atleast 10-15 minutes..also apply heeng on the navel area..don't overfeed the baby..

Thank u so much Neha Mani Mishra 😇 But she's spitting water a lot not milk.. Someone told me that can be sign of any stomach problem or something else.. Thats y i was bit concerned about it

Spitting Water or bubbles

It's normal dear . Babies makes bubble in this age .

Doing it all the time is also normal na? even her lips skin gets white bcz of it most times.. Garima Singla

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