I just feel tired and sleepy all the it common with everyone?i was super active before..i used to work12hours night shifts but now since doctor advised best rest for 3 months,the only thing i do is eat and it ok if i sleep on a stretch for 6-7hours without having anything??or do i need to keep getting up in between to munch on something...i feel so week after waking up..

Yes it is normal to feel this way but yes if u r feeling very sluggish, pl discuss with your doctor.

Definitely you need to eat something atleast every three hours. Even If don't feel hungry also ,have lots of water as it's summer.

Neha Agarwal i will definitely discuss with her..thanks for the reply!!

Sukanya G ok i will keep in mind..thanks for the advise

You will feel lethargic but I am sure you cannot keep sleeping all 7 hours.; You will be bored and body will pain. You will automatically get up. Having something every 4 hours is healthy. Biscuits, dry fruits and home made snacks come in as a boon.
Since you are on bed rest, this might be a prob.; Read this.
How To Survive The Monster Called ‘Bed Rest’ read this. Will help. make sure you check with doc the exact nature of bedrest. If you can go to the loo and move around at times etc.

Satarupa B Kaur yes i get super bored.i try at times to divert my mind..i will read the article.yes i can walk around the house but not like intense activities.

Read, surf and enjoy music. Also get active here on our app.

Satarupa B Kaur thanks for the advise

Ya it's so common in fact I would prefer sleep to eat 😂. But I cant sleep for more then two hour coz of discomfort, hunger and what not 😒

Mrs Chhoker i do feel hunger if i get any disturbance while sleeping.apart from that i feel nausea the entire day.i have no cravings..if someone ask me what to cook i even dont know what to say..since i dont feel like eating..

It's very much common to have nausea and feeling like not eating in first trimester. But u have to eat as Satarupa adviced. Any dought u have plz consult Ur gynecologist and trust there advice.

Craving 😫, I even don't want to eat now days. So I am just having simple food no onion no garlic no tomato just temper it with jeera add namak mirch and enjoy 😊. It helped me a lot

Vidya Rathod thanks for the reply👍

Mrs Chhoker me too😖

Try bottle gourd it taste good but in my way

Mrs Chhoker i did.but everything is so tasteless to me from past couple of i ate sambhar rice that i liked..

Don't keep your stomach empty in morning have as soon as you wake up banana is good option and sucking ice also helps me 😃

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