Hello all little much worry ... my baby is 28 days old today ... m at my moms place we have joint family so whenever my baby cries all are taking in hands ...ab oh niche rukti hi nahi kay kru mai to avoid

Why do you want to avoid ??

Why you want to avoid.. stay chill you baby is taken care

It's ok dear . Don't worry . How many days kids stay in parents hands . After few months she will start crawling and than walking . At that time you will miss these days when she wants to stay in your arms . You are lucky that you have many people around you to take care of your baby .

Actually m worried When I will go at my sasural me n my hubby there for her so muzehi use Lena padega use hat ki adat ho gayi to mera kya hoga

Aisa nhn hota. .chill please. Apke Saath bhi adjust Ho jyga baby.

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