Is induced labour more painful than natural labour. Does anybody have experience of both ??

I don't think this is true. Labour is painful. Both ways. Right Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa ?

Labour the term only means the exact meaning.. no gain without pain dear and the doc has to induce labour if ur full term and ready to pop.

Hema Saranya this can be helpful for you too

In natural labor there will be gradual increase and your body clock is already ready for the same, hence the pain you feel will be bit a less compared to induced.. in induced your mind will be fixed and you are tend to feel more.. but comparitively both r at same level..

I totally agree to Dr. Shilpitha. In induced labour you tend to concentrate more on the pain. I had been induced and it took me 25hrs to deliver and still had a normal delivery. So don't worry. And keep patience.

For me..natural labor took 15hrs to deliver..