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Hello everyone.

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Everyone around me are suggesting to drink hot water with ghee in it. IS it safe for the baby?

I would say no..; the combo doesn't sound pleasing but if your family has some logic around, am not aware.; Do not take me wrong.

Don't do that dear..not needed at this stage..can have ghee if you want but not with hot water..basically they must be suggesting that it will ease your deliver but I don't think it helps much. Plus ghee with hot water is not good..can have in daal though

Have ghee in your regular food and this will not help you in normal delivery it's just a myth.

@Shilpitha shanthappa

Hi deepthi,
Having warm water along with a pinch of ghee helps in digestion and constipation.. but not at all related to normal delivery etc.. infact ghee will add extra calories to you.. instead using ghee, just have plain warm water, it has great benefits in digestion during pregnancy..

Thankq Dr shilpitha