1. Angad chopra


Aquaris( english calender)

Gemini ( lagna rashi)

2. Arjan chopra


Aquaris ( english Calendar)

Gemini( lagna rashi)

Roopashree Siddireddy

Time they are twins.

Roopashree Siddireddy

Mamta Washist i have asked you to.
mention their timings... i too waiting for your details.

O ..i thought u said u need time to check theirs and asked to wait.
Time is 8:43 morning and 8:44 morning
Saturday 31st jan 2015
Roopashree Siddireddy

Its fine.
8.43 wala baccha... than any normal sports.. martial art forms and dancing will suit him. Even instrumental music.
While 8.44 wala baccha.. cricket, volley ball and swimming.

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