Hi mommies. ..

My baby Rey is weaning from 5.5 months ...

1- he loves to eat whatever I offer him

2-. As suggested by you mommies..

Had started with fruits..

N he loves Apple banana Chikko (ABC) ..

Next will start with papaya ..

3- in cereals started with Rice water n rice porridge n now started with rava porridge..

But he is allergic to Moong Dal so haven't tried again ...

4- next will follow up with veges puree ..

5- he had drumsticks pulp n bottle gourd soup ..n carrot soup too ...

6- he has chapati sometimes with potato too ...

My queries -

a- should I still follow 3 day rule

b- can two fruits a day introduced is ok

c- he has 1smal bowl of rice n rava porridge with little gud in it that ok to give 1 small bowl for meal

d- whenever he poops the pulp I can see that ok

Any suggestions I would like to know

asha chaudhry

Cheni Adukia Yogini Kandre

Following 3 day rule is good if you are introducing a new food. Two fruits a day is ok dear. Babies can't really digest all the food that's y the pulp. Don't worry if he is feeding well.

Yes pls always follow the 3 day rule. Give carrots, peas, pumpkin rice. U can give two fruits a day in summers, but dont introduce two new fruits on the same day. U can give upma too. Mash potato is excellent. Grt going. Do go thru @weekly meal plans on the app.

Yes you should always follow three day rule and check for any allergies. No avoid introducing two fruits a day. Always check for allergies when you introduce any new food.
Try and feed smaller and frequent meals. In the beginning automatically the quality and gap between the feed will increase