Kya sabhi normal cases main vaginal tearing hoti h?stitches aate hai?meri gynae ne jbse bataya h normal delivery hogi,i m so scared.
Plz share your experience moms.
Really need this.

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

If it's your first child then many obstetrician prefer to give episiotomy cut to Vagina so yes you might get stitches.Its a standard practice though it depends upon your obstetrician but many do it.
Also there is nothing to be scared off as it is for your betterment and to decrease the pain of labor.
Hope this helps.

Don't be scared. Your body is prepared to handle more than you can imagine. Don't worry about all this at the moment. It will only play up with your BP and stress.

Thankyou Richa Chowdhary ,Dr.Gaurav Nerkar,Satarupa B Kaur.

Its not my first delivery ,my first baby was born through
c'sec.second tym baby delivered normaly but i was in anesthisia as it was still birth,(islie kuch thk s yaad nh h,but tb stitches nh ae th)