My baby is not latching properly so I am giving lactogen 1 as top feed so can I use nipple shield for breastfeeding?

Yes you these articles also Your Guide To Latching And Breastfeeding Positions!

Why do you want nipple shield?; Consult a lactation expert once. BABYCHAKRA offers amazing expert services even on call.

You can use nipple shield.. but try feeding directly as later baby will get used to take feed from nipple shield

9 Smart tools for Breastfeeding which can make feeding easier!

Breast Feeding Consultant

Can u pls suggest me by lactation I can consult

Sonali Shivlani can you help?

Sonali is the best we have. she will reply dont worry.

Latching can take some time and patience. Firstly do not use a bottle to feed the baby. Next try and latch when the baby is not very hungry so baby will show more interest. Massage the breast and express a little so that milk flow has started when you bring baby on the breast to get started. And yes seek help from a lactation expert. For latch issues it would be best to meet someone face to face.

Hey dear .. exclusive breastfeeding till 6 months ...try a nipple shield as our friends have already suggested here ...and keep trying hojayaga n best wishes .

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