Hi ladies,
I am 37 weeks(completed) pregnant and my doctor has said that they need to induce me once 38 weeks completes - ie., next week as i have gestational diabetes and on insulin and baby weight is already 3'4 kgs...
I am slightly overwhelmed about induction than the actual contractions and delivery it self. Please help me understand
1. How wil induction be done? Will it be very painful to begin with?
2. If the baby weight is >3.5 kg is it sure that episiotomy will be done?
3. Anything else that i should be knowing before going next week?
4. Any ways to naturally prepare my body for labor by next week?
Thanks in advance

Satarupa B Kaur

asha chaudhry di please help na.

Richa Chowdhary

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

Revauthi rajamani

Induction happens by giving shots which are not painful, but can be uncomfortable vaginally. The delivery completely is unique will never know if it will be surely having stitches in the vagina or it could be a very normally smoothly happens. Leave it to your doctor to decide n trust... All the best

asha chaudhry

Dr. Neha D. Khodke Dr Mamta Goel Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa pls advise

asha chaudhry

Hi anon, pls dont feel overwhelmed. I was induced. But i hv no idea about a comparison :) i hv tagged our experts who wud be in a better position to answer ur q's. Pls try and relax. U will be just fine. All the best. Do keep us updated...

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

1) induction is done by IV infusions and p/v tablets for cervicle softening.. there will gradual increase in contractions.. not a sudden onset..
2) episiotomy is done to avoid any kind of perineal tear, nowadays it is a ritual to follow in every labor..
3) Hospital bag!!! Essential items to pack in your hospital bag! , Those things about Labor that you always were curious about , Why are women scared of Labor?
4) Regular brisk walks, kegels, squattings..

Dr. Mamta Goel

Most of it has been answered well by Dr Shilpitha... Most importantly you should prepare yourself by either taking some labor classes or check on you tube for breathing techniques during labour and ball exercises which are very helpful during labor.. Also episiotomy can be avoided in selected cases where a natural small tear (which heals better and faster than episiotomy) or no tear is anticipated...

Dr. Neha D. Khodke

Your doc has given the right advice. They will induce you by giving injections. It is safe and you will be closely monitored. The nature of delivery and its final process cannot be predicted since it is completely subjective and depends on the mother in labour. Episiotomy is a very common minor procedure done to ensure that there are no tears when the baby is coming out. Do not stress. The more you stress the more your muscles will tense up. Go with the flow. Any form of delivery is fine as long as both mom and baby are healthy

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