My baby has started weaning; .since 15 days . Now m little confused abt the quatity n no of times i should give weaning food to der any rule or i should follow baby cues n demands...basically how much a baby need other than bf

Please read this super useful article..also small meal twice a day is enough in starting..follow the three day rule also before introducing new food.. Weaning Basics: How And When To Get Started

Weaning In the Initial Months

A Beginner’s Guide to Weaning foods

Weaning Food Recipe (7 to 9 months)

Kiddy Kitchen (Weaning)

Hi for 6 month baby one meal a day. 7 month one meal + a snack.8 month 2 meals+ snack. Remember that breastmilk or formula remains the primary source of nutrition till age one. Offer food 30-45 mins after breastfeeding so that breastmilk intake is; not reduced. Quantity is on the baby. Do not force feed or use distraction feeding. Somedays baby may take one bite, sometimes 5 somedays none. It is all normal

Wonderful explaination Preeti ji..thank u so much..
Yess il ne doing some distraction feeding that il avoid from now onwards

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