My sister's son is six months old and is having a hole in the heart. What is right time for his surgery

My god! Have you consulted a doctor? He needs a specialist dear.please take him to one

Agree.. pls trust a cardiac specialist.; Dr. Payal M

Has his pediatrician referred him to a ped surgeon?
The management of holes in the heart depends on type size n location of the hole.
Most are repaired during infancy or early childhood.
The timing is based on multiple factors n is an individualized decision.
Take him to a big super speciality hospital for evaluation. Ping me if u r in bbay n need help.

The cardiac surgeon is the best person dear ...the magnitude and urgency of the problem could be confirmed by them only ..
One of the cases I know where the operation had to be performed immediately post delivery and the baby is 8 years old today wishes to your sister