My baby is going to be 1 month day after tomorrow... The problem is she is wide awake from 1 or 2am till morning at 6 or 7am... Any idea how to put her to sleep during these hours... I tot after feeding she would sleep but NO.. She keeps searchin for milk and cries out loud when she doesnt get it but when my husband takes her in his arms she stops cryin but doesnt sleep at all... Any suggestion please to keep her to sleep...

Did you check...is the baby colicky

Till 2 month you have to wait for teach of sleep. Because babies changes there sleeping habits. I think baby is colic. You can try homio Nat foss 6x and meg foss 6x 1 tab of each melt it in breastmilk ang give to baby. I was use that and useing now also. Its really works

As your baby's brain and central nervous system mature, her sleep cycles will get longer and more sleep will occur at night. Most babies adjust to the family timetable in a few months or so.
- A newborn cannot eat all that much in a single feed. If you are breastfeeding, the milk gets digested quickly, which means a baby can wake up hungry and ready to fill the belly. So make sure you feed them on demand. A well fed baby, sleeps well too.
- Try to nap during your baby's longer stretches of sleep.
- You can assist the sleeping process by differentiating day and night atmosphere like creating a calm, dark environment at night, while letting the sunshine in during the day.
- During daytime feedings, talk a lot to your baby, while at night feedings, make the surroundings quiet with as little light as possible.
- Remove any item from the sleeping area that could potentially suffocate or distract a baby, cause overheating, including blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, or quilts.

Burp your baby after each feed, do not overfeed, don't put the baby flat on the bed immediately after feeding as it may cause colic and this s phase too, u will soon overcome the same

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