When does a baby start to crawl ?

It varies from baby to baby. Some may do it between 9-12 months some may not do at all and directly start walking.

Developmental Milestones: 6-12 Months

7 Months Baby: Physical Milestones

Each child different .. anytime from 7-8 months to 10 months babies can start crawling.. and as Neha said some don’t crawl at all and directly start walking

Hey the baby can start crawling from 7 th months onwards . .my baby dint crawl much she used to drag herself ...then missed the crawling part and directly started walking at 11months ...I jokingly said ...she is my daughter after all has to be beauty conscious ..she doesn't want her knees to get dark by crawling..ha ha .
So don't worry ...the baby will do it when the body is prepared. .tc

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