Hi everyone,

My kids are really fond of idli and dhokla so I often prepare it by soaking and fermenting urad dal Chana dal and rice with methi seeds overnight still I don't get the soft and spongy dhokla and idli despite of good raised fermented batter and I don't want to add baking soda or fruit salt. If there is any natural home ingredients that we can add to make dhokla and idlis soft spongy.

Aditi Ahuja Madhavi Cholera please help..

Madhavi Cholera ..our dhokla expert please help!!

Hi dear far as my knowledge goes dahi or curd which is not very thick is a good natural fermenting agent for idlis..Madhavi is the only one who can guide better but dahi combined with little lemon juice, little salt and sugar can help you ferment the batter well..

I can answer for idly.. It does not require channa dal. For 2 cups rice 1\2 cup urad dal is enough and less than half teaspoon of methi or you can completly avoid methi. Grind urud dal and methi first take it out then grind the rice.. Add little salt and mix everything with your 🖐️. Let it get fermented overnight and then next day you can steam.

Agree with what Rebecca Prakash said. For soft idlis, the trick is to grind urad and rice separate as rice needs to grinded little coarse compared to urad.