1week ago I found that m pregnant and went to gync she told me to wait for 10 days for scan where they can find if embryo is implanted inside or outside uterus. M very tensed thinking about it as to what will come in scan.if it is ectopic pregnancy n all. Pls help

hey deep - pls don't stress and be positive. have faith in ur dr. all the best. do keep us posted.

Dr. Neha D. Khodke pls suggest

Asha can u tell when can we check in scanning if the pregnancy us normal n not ectopic after positive test

I think around 5 weeks you can see gestational sac; position

I think you need not to worry they do early scans for precaution only don't worry everything will be ok

How do I know how many weeks I m pregnant

Count from your lmp that's what doc do

Scans Recommended For Every Mom During First Trimester

The first scan is usually done at 8 to 9 weeks because the doc gets a clearer idea about viability and implantation. Dont worry. It is standard procedure

I have pcos and I hv read that women with pcos have a risk of ectopic pregnancy..Is that right Dr neha

Going for scan and some tests tmrw..