Hii .

Recently I have noticed blood in stool water intake is 2.5 litres a day..pls suggest me some home remedies...

Thanks in advance

Dr Mamta Goel Revauthi Rajamani

Have high fibre diet veggies in plenty... Peas, Brocoli, sweet potato, beans, pumpkin,, green leaves, fruits as whole to prevent constipation.. Some more fluids too.
It could be fissure, get it chked

Revauthi is may be due to constipation or piles...consult a doctor..btw take more fluids and fibre..chaas, coconut water etc..also completely avoid chillies in mom has this problem and when it happens she take papaya, curd and also sabut moong daal boiled or as sprouts..

You must get yourself checked first for the cause of bleeding... Very common to have piles or fissure... If it's due to that then you must take precautions and/or medications so that you ate not constipated at all and some local ointments may be required

Thanks alott 😘Revauthi Rajamani Aditi Ahuja Dr Mamta Goel