Hello Doctor my son is 5.5 months old can I introduce solids and water now. Till now I am exclusively breastfeeding. What can I give first ceralac or home made rice water or fruits#askgorika

Hey anon start with mashed banana

Weaning Food Recipe (7 to 9 months)

Anon you can start with daal Ka Pani or rice water.. then once baby is 6 months start banana.. pureed apple...and then other foods..

Hi ..wait till your baby turns six months then introduce one meal a day 30-40 mins after giving breastmilk. Mashed steamed fruits or veggies are a good idea. Or u can offer long pieces of steamed fruits or veggies. Dal ka paani..rice water has no nutrition so avoid it. breastmilk is main source of nutrition till 1 year. Mashed banana, mashed steamed apple & carrots are good starter foods. Always keep upright while giving food never lying down .

Avoid store bought is high in sugar. Ideally no salt & sugar till baby is one year old.

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