Hi,in feb i had abrtion. I got my periods in march. Can i try; this month for baby or i have wait two three months.

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Dr. Neha D. Khodke pl advise

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa pls help

Hey Sharayu.. I feel you shud give body couple of months to get ready again.. even if it's abortion our body becomes weak.. eat healthy.. consult your gynecologist and then plan...

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If you are stable with your health, then meet your doctor once, start folic acid supplements and if possible try to figure out the cause of the previous loss, do appropriate tests to check the cause and then plan for next issue.. because dont take chance again..

Better to wait for a month or two to replenish lost nutritional stores. Start with folic acid. Once you feel physically and emotionally prepared once again, go in for a baby

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