My baby is going to be 6 months n i have resumed back to work. Hence started with cerelac n lactogen, however from last 3 days she poops as soon as she is been feed. I'm worried, kindly advise

Instant Homemade Cerelac

Try this and also check the water is boiled water.

Try changing the lactogen and see. Talk to your doc about another brand such as Nan Pro.
Also, the cerelac needs to be watery, even if the pack instructions get you; thicker variant.

I wud recommend using nestum rice along with breast milk or dal ka pani over cerelac as cerelac is said to have high sugar content (im unsure though as i was never recommended to give my baby cerelac) u can also give dal ka pani, nan pro etc.

Hi ..only breastmilk or formula till baby turns 6 months. After 6 months also,till age one the primary source of Nutrition as per WHO should be breastmilk/formula. At 6 months baby just needs one meal that too 30-40 mins after giving breastmilk or formula. Can u pump at work & someone at home can feed the baby the pumped milk?; Storebought cerelac is high in sugar. Dal ka paani has no nutrition. Please give baby steamed veggies & fruits - steamed &mashed; apples ,carrots ,pear, pumpkin.soft fruits like banana, mango can be handmashed & given. On intro to solids poop takes time to settle down. Let her system get used to the solids.

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