Today m not feeling as much movement of my baby like other days is it normal Bcz m so tense about it plz revert me soon

Drink something cold or hot.. or wat sweet.. and then check for movements.. else inform your doctor also Tomo

Eat something sweet and lie on your left side. You will feel baby movements. Also as the baby grows the movements do reduce because there is not much space in the tummy left. If you are feeling very less movements then call your doctor this article also.. MomStar Sheeba Vijesh decodes Baby Kicks For You!

Fetal Movement Week By Week: What To Do When Movements Reduce, What Is Normal And What Is Not

Very slow n light movement feel hoti hh
Is it to worry

Light movement is also okay. About 10-12 movements in a day is alright. Earlier the standard was 10 over a span of two hours while on rest , but that's not what docs advice anymore. right ? Neha Mani Mishra Richa Chowdhary

Eat chocolate or some sweet u will feel the movements

Satarupa B Kaur yes dear. 10-12 movements in a day is ok

Yes that's right...; Take care

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