Hi; I am 34 week's pregnant, from morning I am feeling pain in stomach nd it increases with baby movements. Other than this baby movements and all okay. Feeling tired bcoz of this. Is this matter to be concerned.

I don't think it's a prob. Drink lots of water. Rest and see.; Don't lift anything and keep your body posture comfy. If the pain keeps happening till tomorrow, talk to the doc once.

Am taking rest as well having more fluid but not able to stand and cook. That's the problem from morning.

It's for baby having grown. Check BP too. and don't move around much. Take rest.; If the prob and pain continues till morning tomm, talk to doc. update me.

Same thing happening with me Vidya Rathod
Im just taking rest...
Im having lower pain as the baby moves... 😣

Pls Ur gynac informed about the same Vidya and CHK on baby movements. Take rest

This is the final lap.. it will happen this way as the baby's eager to see the world.. u may consult ur doc.. if the pain increases.. best of luck for THE day😊

Neeta Shetty yes am feeling like that only. Till day before yesterday am fine and doing all chores all of a sudden happened so. I really pray to carry till 38 weeks. As my mil only back by 3rd may.

Heyy Vidya. .how are you now?; Doing every chore causes strain. I can understand but Pls relax and take rest
High time.

Thanks dearies. Bit okay now.. just relaxing. ☺️

Hope now you are fine vidya..just take rest, take pillow support at back while sitting and sit in L in touch with doctor..;;;

Me too feeling the same,when baby is moving i feeling like twisting in lower abdomen.

Vidya same thing with me and feeling too tired and not able to do anything.

Thanks gals.. I am so much relieved now.. so in this stage we r feeling same means it's common.. I just love this app and love u ladies 😍😍

How are you feeling now.. hope your are fine and better

Yes Richa. Am feeling good. Little discomfort but back to work 😀