Can i watch movie in theatre with my 7.5 month old baby??

hi priyanka - you can but pls put cotton in baby's ears. carry a hoodie as it gets cold and u really want to cover baby's head. the dolby is not good for baby's ears. also pls be ready to feed baby. i would suggest take an aisle seat so if baby starts crying u can get up immediately to avoid disturbing other viewers. i took my baby once as i really wanted to get out and watch a movie but she fed endlessly during the movie so i never took her after that till she was a manageable toddler and only took her for animated films. she still does not enjoy many non animated films except for black panther :) enjoy and pls let us know how it goes....

Hi Asha Chaudhary; di..ur suggestion helped a enjoyed the movie with was a stress buster although we didn't like the movie too much😂

Hahaha so glad to hear priyanka!!! Next time even the movie will be awesome!

Yeah..hope planning to watch "101 not out"